Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Finally left the dealer at around 1pm. The slide is as good as new, and my $500 estimate was accurate. We’re spending the night at Wolf’s Campground in Knox, PA. The drive here was uneventful. Tomorrow we head for Streetsville, OH, and some neat parks in the area.


Streetsville is midway between Akron and Cleveland, but there are trees and grass here. On the way we passed a huge GM plant that is in the process of closing down. Nice campground here. The cats are not happy campers. Ginny hides under the bed after we release them from their traveling cage and Comet either hides under a pillow or behind the TV. We're staying here a couple of days to see the local Cuyahoga Valley National Park. That's right, there's a National Park in Ohio.


Blogger jettybeach said...

I'm glad you've finally been able to be on your way. Sorry to hear the cats are not as happy. Every day will be an adventure; how cool! K

8:35 PM  
Blogger Sally said...

Hi Penny and Lew,
Dave and I are glad to hear that you're on your way. We miss our dinner partners. BTW guess who is related to Rachel Alexander Both have Northern Dancer for a great grandfather. Hope that the trip is all that you hoped for. Dave's going to AC and I going to the horse park. I start with Silke on 6/1.


5:46 AM  

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