Saturday, January 23, 2010

…It’s Another

If you read the previous post you know that the repair to the side of the trailer was botched, and we had to return to Tucson (200 miles) from where we were in New Mexico to have the repair repaired.

If you’ve been following this blog from the beginning, you may recall the problem we had last May regarding the front legs or landing gear on the trailer. There were several attempts by several RV techs to fix it, but it was never quite right.

Anyone who has owned a car knows about those nagging problems, a funny sound when the transmission shifts, or an unusual feeling in the steering wheel while you’re driving, that can never be repeated when the car is in the shop. Then one day, the transmission falls out of the car or the steering wheel no longer turns and the mechanic says “oh, there’s the trouble!”

Well, our transmission fell out last night, figuratively speaking. We got to the body shop, where the technician was mortified that he had attached the slide wall to the fixed bottom of the trailer. The technician removed the smashed parts and we made arrangements to stay in the shop’s campground until Monday when the fixed parts would be put back on the trailer and we could be merrily on our way, again, towards Carlsbad Caverns.

We got to the campground, and attempting to unhitch the trailer, the landing gear ground to a halt, never to be moved again. I had also released the hitch, which cannot be reconnected without moving the truck from under the trailer. I couldn’t move the truck and couldn’t do anything with the trailer, so there we were. Fortunately, the RV repair facility hadn’t closed yet, so we were able to get a service guy (actually three service guys) to come to our site. Turns out one leg of the landing gear is shot – it’s probably been dying since last May when we first had trouble with it. So instead of having the body repaired (again) Monday morning, we’ll have the trailer in for a leg transplant. They believe they have the appropriate prosthesis in stock, but how long it will take to do the transplant is unknown at this time, so the repair of the body repair will be delayed until the new leg can be attached. And then we’ll be off to Carlsbad Caverns. Again.


Blogger jettybeach said...

Dear God, Dear God... what a nightmare. I'm glad you're safe! Hope they can get it right this time. Onward and upward. K

10:29 AM  

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