Friday, June 03, 2011

Baa Haa Baa (Bar Harbor)

The downeasters sure talk funny. Anyway, we’ve been touring Acadia National Park and other areas of the island. Photos are still in the camera, and the camera is in the truck, so I’ll post them later this weekend.

I’m always awe-struck at the incredible beauty and diversity of the national parks, and Acadia is no exception. Not the same kind of grandeur as the parks in the west, but pretty amazing just the same.

Bar Harbor is the old-money town on the island that was once a summer home of families with names like Rockefeller and Ford. Many of those families donated the land that now makes up parts of the park. Today, Bar Harbor is nothing like it was in the past. More tee shirt shops per block than any New Jersey boardwalk, but there are lobster boats in the harbor.

I’ll have more on the island when I retrieve the photos from the camera.


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