Sunday, July 29, 2012

Across the Border

We’ve left the Great White North and are back in the USA. The Border Patrol confiscated a lemon. It appears that citrus cannot be brought into the US from Canada. It seemed a bit strange, since the lemon was grown in California and imported to Canada. But I know enough to never argue with the Border Patrol, so the reason for this lemon law will remain a mystery.

We’re at Bar Harbor, Maine. I could say that we stopped here again, as we did heading north, because of the incredible scenic beauty of the Maine coastline. That would be a lie. We stopped here for popovers. The restaurant at Jordon Pond House in the Acadia National Park makes the world’s best popovers and there’s no way we can be within 50 miles of the place and not stop for lunch.

Today we visited a little, isolated section of the park located about 20 miles east on the Schoodic peninsula. I can definitely say we visited this area because of the incredible scenic beauty of the Maine coastline. DSC_0385

Unfortunately, it was raining and foggy, so we didn’t see much, but what we could see was very pretty, which is probably why the National Park Service made it part of Acadia NP, even though it’s not on Mt. Desert Island.


I had to hold an umbrella in one hand and the camera in the other to get these shots. But heck, it is Maine, and rain and fog are not unknown weather conditions here.


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