Sunday, September 01, 2013

Gold in Them Thar’ Hills

This is about something that happened before we left Dodge City, but it is related to Colorado, where we are now. Okay, to be honest I forgot to include it in my last post.

We were in an RV store picking up some supplies when a guy came in and was warmly greeted by the clerk behind the counter. The clerk asked “have you got anything for me?” The customer replied, “I’ve got something, but not for you.” He then took out a small glass vial and dumped the contents on the counter. It was a couple of ounces of gold nuggets. It seems this guy and a couple of friends went into the Colorado Rockies to pan for gold, and they actually found some! It was really cool to see it. I asked him where they found it, but he wouldn’t tell me.


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