Thursday, July 10, 2014

Another Surprise

One thing we’ve learned after almost 5 years of RV travel – be prepared for anything and don’t be surprised when anything happens. Yesterday we were heading south on I-5 near Cottonwood, CA when every warning light on my dashboard started to flash. “Check Engine”, “Check Battery”, “Oil Pressure” plus a really ominous one telling me to get off the road as soon as possible. We made it almost all the way up the next exit ramp when the engine died completely.

Temperature in drought-stricken northern California, 101 degrees. Two hours and about a gallon of sweat later, the truck was towed to a Ford dealership and the trailer was taken to the RV park where we had reservations. That’s where we are now. The problem with the truck was traced to a bad temperature sensor in the exhaust system, so that’s being replaced. Now all we need to do is find away to get 20 miles back to the dealership to get the truck when it’s ready. One way or the other we’ll find transportation.


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