Friday, May 15, 2009

Yesterday we visited the country estate of Mr. Seiberling, a founder of the Goodyear tire company. Great big Tudor mansion in Akron. Interesting tour. Departed Streetsville this morning, but the departure was not uneventful. That problem with the landing gear returned and it looked like a big problem for a while. I jiggled some wires and got the gear to retract.

We traveled 75 miles west to Sandusky, OH, a depressed industrial town, but one that seems to have some pride. There's a big amusement park here called Cedar Creek. Once again, the landing gear stopped working. This time I think I fixed the problem for good. There seemed to a loose connection in one of the wires. I tightened it up good and replaced the wire nut. So far it seems okay.

One never knows where one will find true inspiration. This afternoon we stopped at a Croger's Supermarket in Sandusky. While there we noticed a couple, about our age. He was an apparent quadrapalegic, in a motorized wheelchair controlled by mouth. She was fully able. Penny and I both noticed that, although she did the shopping, she consulted him on the purchases. They seemed happy. We returned to the campground, and moments later the same couple pulled up in the campsite next to us. They are doing pretty much what we're doing, except they are in a Winnebago motor home equipped with a wheelchair lift. They are towing a small van equipped with a wheelchair ramp. They are travelling with two dogs. She does the driving, and, one would imagine, everthing else, including all of his personal care. Hopefully we'll have a chance to chat with them in the morning. However, it looks like they may be preparing to leave early.

See what I mean about finding inspiration?


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Happy trails to you. Who ever said we would have an uneventful anything? Love, Tony and Barbara

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