Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lake Champlain

We zipped across Vermont to Grand Isle, which is one of the Lake Champlain Islands in the lake locals like to think of as an almost Great Lake. The northern end of Lake Champlain snugs up against the Quebec border. The islands are all on the upper end of the Vermont side of the lake. DSC_0321 The campground we stayed at is called the Lake Champlain Adult Campground and when we mentioned the name to one of our friends she got a funny look on her face and said “adult campground?” I guess she was thinking more along the lines of adult bookstores, but in this case it just refers to the fact that the campground doesn’t permit families with kids – so its very quiet. If you look closely in the space between the truck and camper, you’ll see the lake.

The Lake Champlain Islands are really wonderful and quite surprising. We figured there would be  a lot of boating activity there, but we had no idea we would find lush and productive farms on the islands. There are also a number of decent inns and restaurants on the islands and even for non RVers this would make a great place for a quiet summer vacation.

Other than driving around Vermont’s beautiful countryside, we also visited the famous Vermont Country Store, which was about 100 miles from the campground. We had lunch there and bought a jar of no sugar added apple butter. We probably would have been better off buying it from the catalog.

Access to the islands is from bridges near the south end and at the north end, which is about 100 yards froDSC_0330m the Canadian border. There is also a little  ferry that runs between Grand Isle, VT and Plattsburgh, NY. Now we’re off to the Adirondacks. And we’re not taking the ferry.


Blogger Barbara said...

I love following your blog, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. All kidding aside, it really is so much fun to read your descriptins and comments. Be safe, be happy, and, watch out for anything that says "Adults Only", ok? Love you guys,

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