Sunday, August 01, 2010

Lake George and Oopsie

We’ve been to Lake George, NY, at the southern end of the Adirondacks, several times previously, but not with the trailer. The Village of Lake George is sort of a cross between a Jersey Shore town and Coney Island, with a much smaller beach. Lots of visiting New York metroites, lots of tee shirt shops and pizza joints. The village itself is at the very southwestern end of the lake.


But the lake is 32 miles long, and once you get away from the village, you will find an exquisite mountain lake with scattered resorts and cottage communities. Since the lake is in the Adirondack State Preserve, there are numerous public parks, and campgrounds as well. Incidentally, the public campgrounds don’t offer the necessities of cable, electric-water-sewer hookups, or wi-fi, so we’re “camped” at a privately owned RV city a few miles from the lake. This place has almost 1000 campsites, with more roads than Flemington. Think of a picturesque forest, then add tents, RVs of every size and shape, millions of kids on bikes, and billions of adults (perhaps an exaggeration, but after the sparsely populated parksw we’ve been in, it seems that way) within the forest, and you’ll get the idea. But things do get very quiet after 11pm.

Now for the oopsie part. We had a slight mishap with the truck. I was backing out of a parking lot onto the road, and apparently another pickup truck snuck onto the shoulder right behind where I was backing. I was almost stopped when our truck touched the other one, which was allegedly parked. We have a broken taillight and his truck has a dent in the side. Police were called, reports were filed with insurance companies, and I got a ticket for improper backing. Bummer.



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I am so impressed with your writing, your humor, your acute observations. I LOVE following your blog.

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