Monday, June 13, 2011

More Fundy Fun

We spent a few days at St. Andrew by the Sea, New Brunswick, which is really by the Bay, Bay of Fundy, that is. The weather was great, and St. Andy is a cute little town. It seems that every time we’ve looked at the Bay, the tide was out, but now we have a tide chart, so we’ll probably get to see it when its in.

St. Andrew has a very nice garden called Kingsbrea Garden. Penny things brea refers to some sort of underwear, but I can’t imagine a garden would be named after the king’s underwear.


The garden had just wrapped up a sculpture exhibit while we were there. There were some pretty nice pieces, nothing to compare with the stuff at Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey, but nice, just the same.



The metal moose was somewhat special because its the only moose we’ve seen in Maine or Canada. There are lots of signs warning about moose in the road, but the moose apparently have read the signs and are staying away from traffic.


Penny even found a little horse in the garden. I do try to avoid horses as much as possible on these trips, but some times one just shows up. This one was sort of a topiary with flowers.

Oh, and since this was a garden, there were also lots of flowers. The species are planted so there are some blooms visible during all of the Spring, Summer and Fall. What follows are pictures of some of the Spring varieties. Don’t ask me what they are, because I don’t know.












This being Canada, there was also a flock of Canada geese in the garden. These are the good kind of Canada geese, the ones that don’t make a mess all over the place. This was the winning sculpture from last year’s show.



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