Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goin’ to the Fair

The Iowa State Fair was huge. The only pictures I took were of three hitches of Belgians in unicorn hitches, but we’ve seen enough horses on this blog so I’m not posting them. Anyway, we spent the afternoon at the fair, but it would have taken two days to see everything. We saw the butter cow, we caught the very end of the outhouse races, we saw people eating steak on a stick, steak sundaes, corn dogs, cotton candy, all kinds of sausages, and more different kinds of food than I’ve ever seen in one place. We ate really good barbequed beef ribs and I’m still trying to get the sauce out of my moustache. We didn’t see any presidents or presidential candidates.

We’re now in rural Illinois, not too far from President Obama’s stop in this state. I wonder if he’s following us.

Friday we’re going to Horse Days in Belvidere, IL, which is a horse expo followed by a PRCA rodeo. Then next week we’re planning to tour the Cardinal RV factory in Indiana, and maybe get some answers about why parts seem to keep loosening up and falling off. So far, the dropping parts haven’t been significant, but we’re not home yet.


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