Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vancouver Island

We’re at the westward end of our journey, near Victoria, BC, on Vancouver Island. Getting here was fun, since the only way onto the island is by ferry. The BC ferries have added several new ships recently, and we were lucky enough to get on one. It was like a cruise ship for cars and trucks, Its got several levels of vehicle decks with enough headroom to stack two of our trailers. It also has several passenger decks with restaurants, bars, wi fi, and lots of comfortable seating.


As you might be able to tell from this photo, our cruise was a bit windy. This trip lasted an hour and 25 minutes.  When we return to the mainland we’ll be travelling on a Washington ferry directly to a terminal north of Seattle. That trip will be 2 hours and will go right through the middle of orca feeding grounds. Wouldn’t it be cool to see an orca or two?

Today we visited the Victoria Butterfly Garden which is a neat tropical enclosure with all sorts of colorful tropical butterflies, moths,DSC_0064 birds, and plants. Here are a few pictures. Don’t ask me to name the flutterbys since we didn’t spring the $2.99 for the picture card. BTW, butterflies in flight are really hard to photograph.
















Victoria Island is quite large, more than 300 miles from end-to-end. This morning we were chatting with a fellow camper at our campground who noticed our New Jersey license plates. He actually lives at the north end of the island and came here with his RV on vacation. BTW, we’ve noticed very few US license plates on our cross Canada trip. Americans are missing out on a really great country to visit.


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