Monday, October 29, 2012

R.I.P. HMS Bounty

We’re still in Wilmington, NC and expect to stay here until we can head north without concern about power outages and flooding. We just heard that the tall ship HMS Bounty is sinking off the coast of North Carolina. The Coast Guard is currently attempting a rescue of the 17 person crew from lifeboats.


We were fortunate to visit the Bounty this summer when she was visiting Halifax, Nova Scotia. The ship is a replica of the original Bounty, of mutiny fame, built for the movie with Marlon Brando. The ship has been used for many movies in recent years, including some of the Pirates of the Caribbean series.  When we were on board the Bounty, DSC_0366I snapped a picture of this framed photo of the ship under sail that was mounted in one of the companionways.  I guess we’ll find out soon why this beautiful vessel was put in danger when the storm was being discussed and tracked in detail for more than a week and you would think it had time to avoid the storm.


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