Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Almost Home

We travelled up the coast after visiting friends in Wilmington, NC, and that drive included two ferry rides to the outer banks. We’re now spending a couple of days near Ocean City, Maryland and then it’s home. Most of what we were planning to see/do here on the eastern shore is closed for the season, so we’re just hanging out and relaxing, although tomorrow may be laundry day.

So, unless something exciting happens, this entry will probably conclude this year’s blogging.

Until next time…

Thursday, October 10, 2013

In Case You’ve Been Wondering…

We’re still on the road. I haven’t added anything here because all we’ve been doing is visiting friends and relatives in Denver. Then we headed southeast for a visit to Branson, MO. This was our first visit to the country music mecca in the Ozarks, so we saw two shows. The first was a John Denver tribute led by a singer who knew John and worked with him. Good music, of course (the only CD we brought with us on this trip was Denver’s Concert for Wildlife, so it was quite a sing-a-long), but it was too bad the singer had a bad cold and very little voice.

Then we saw Legends in Concert which included a bunch of dead singers reincarnated. They included Johnny Cash (with whom we had a picture taken but which we didn’t buy), Whitney Houston, Buddy Holly and Elvis What’s-his-name? This was a surprisingly entertaining show with good dancers and decent production values.

Now we’re in Memphis and just toured Graceland. I didn’t take any pictures, but Penny did so maybe she’ll let me ad them here sometime.

The last time I was here, on business, was about 20 years ago. The Graceland property (still a goldmine for the Presley heirs) now includes an RV park and the Heartbreak Hotel, which just happens to be at the end of Lonely Street. Neither were here 20 years ago.

Tonight we’ll be going to a local barbecue joint I found 20 years ago to have Memphis ribs. Tomorrow we’ll be heading east.