Monday, July 28, 2014


As you may recall, near the beginning of this trip we ran over a road cone in a highway construction project and damaged some pipes and stuff under the trailer.

Yesterday, as we were passing through Albuquerque, the truck in front of us swerved to avoid a tire tread lying in our lane, but since there were vehicles on both sides of us, all I could do was run over it. We stopped at the next rest area to see if any damage was done, and everything looked okay.

Then we got to our campground in Clovis, NM, hooked up the water hose, and when we turned on the water it just poured out of the bottom of the camper. Apparently that ornery tire tread broke a water pipe somewhere under the trailer. Fortunately, Clovis has an “RV Doctor” who makes house calls, so we’re waiting for him to get here to give us a diagnosis and treatment plan.


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