Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Since the pass between Cody and Yellowstone was closed due to snow (some can be seen on the mountains beyond the Cody campground in one of the photos), we stayed in Cody an extra day and visited the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum, which is actually several museums in one. Too much for one visit, but what we saw was interesting.

We then decided to travel a bit east and south to approach Grand Tetons National Park from the east. Spectacular drive through the Wind River Canyon. The drive is a bit too far for one day, so we camped in Dubois (pronounced Doo-boys, not Doo-bwaa), Wyoming, a real cow town, nestled between snow-capped mountains and “painted badlands” on the other. Our campsite is right next to the Wind River, and the area is known for big horn sheep, deer, elk, and bears. We’ve seen a few deer and some prong horns, but no bears. The campground office has a photo taken a month ago at a nearby campground of a huge grizzly track in front of the bath house. All I’ve seen on the banks of the river here are dear tracks, and hopefully it will stay that way. I definitely look around whenever I step out of the trailer. The campground is called Longhorn Motel and RV Park, and to complement the name, they have a small herd of longhorn cattle in a corral out front. At least they did this morning. The cattle are gone now, maybe en route to Burger King.

People here are extremely friendly, even when the find out we’re from New Jersey.

By the way, the cats have completely adjusted to life on the road. The kitten did some exploring on the top of the kitchen cabinet, and as I write this, Comet is attempting to push the laptop off the table, but I think that means a complete adjustment.

Although this entry is dated 6/9, I have no idea when I’ll actually post it. The WiFi at this campground didn’t connect last night, but did this morning. This afternoon, it’s down again, possibly gone the way of the longhorn cattle. Since the campground in the Tetons doesn’t have WiFi, it may be most of a week before I get this entry on the blog. Whoopee, the WiFi just came on line, so hopefully I can upload the images mentioned above before it drops out again. No luck. 15 minutes uploading one image and then it crashed beforeit finished. The pictures will have to wait until we get a better connection.


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