Friday, June 05, 2009

Cody, Wyoming


We’re at campground in Cody, WY and the WiFi connection keeps disconnecting. We found an RV dealer in Powell, WY who looked at our landing gear and decided the problem is in the motor and not the gear box. He didn’t have one in stock, and it’s been ordered with priority delivery. We’re hoping it will be delivered today. If it is, we’ll leave this campground, bring the trailer to Powell (about 20 miles) have the motor installed, and return to this campground until Sunday.

Next we’ll be moving into Yellowstone NP and Grand Tetons NP, and it’s unlikely that we’ll have internet service at all for a week or more. (How uncivilized!) Then we’ll be heading to Colorado to play with a bulldozer and visit friends in Denver.

Penny and I were in this part of Wyoming in 1970, and frankly I’d forgotten how incredibly, indescribably beautiful the landscape is. Coming across the Big Horn Range we encountered heavy fog, rain, and a little snow. But in the breaks of clear weather, the views of the mountains and canyons were breathtaking, No pictures though because it’s difficult to drive on those winding mountain roads and take pictures at the same time.

I’ve been reflecting some on the differences between our trip in 1970 and now. In 1970 we looked for campgrounds with bathrooms and showers. Not necessarily flush (for the first) or hot (for the second). On this trip, those two items (flush and hot) are absolute necessities and we look for campgrounds with WiFi and cable TV. How times have changed in 39 years.


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Have a wonderful time, be safe, and, post when you can. Love you guys, Tony and Barbara

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