Saturday, June 18, 2011

R.I.P. Comet

We’re in Ottawa, Ontario, and it’s turned out to be the final stop for our old cat Comet. He was 14 years old and in failing health due to complications of diabetes. Our vet at home thought the stress of  this trip might be risky for him, and she was right. We hoped he would make it across Canada and home again, but that was wishful thinking.

So, when we arrived in Ottawa yesterday, we knew his time had come. We found a local vet who humanely euthanized him.

As an aside, we were offered various options of funerary urns for his ashes and we reviewed a book depicting various pet cemetery remembrances. We graciously declined. Heck, if we were home we would have buried him in the back field.

Christmas Kitty close

This photo was taken during Christmas of 2009 while we were camped in Las Cruces, NM.


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