Thursday, May 24, 2012

Raining Cats and…

Not much to report. While on Cape Cod we had a couple of days of rain. We had a very nice dinner with Neil Cooper, a former classmate from Fair Lawn High School, who lives in the area with his wife Peggy. They were high school sweethearts and have been married 45 years, which beats us by a bit over a year. Peggy couldn’t make it to dinner, since she had other obligations, but we had a great time with Neil.

We’re now in Scarborough Maine. And it’s raining. Not that we should be surprised about rain at this time of year along the New England Coast, but we’re at a neat places called Wild Duck Campgrounds, which is a place we stayed at last year. We’re parked in a site right along a picturesque marsh, and here’s the view out of our back window. You may notice the rain. DSC_0416

It’s a  good day for the local ducks. The sun is supposed to come out this afternoon, but right now I’m not too optimistic.

Kitten, the experienced traveler, has apparently adapted once again to her temporary mobile abode. I can’t say the same for Maxwell, who is fine when we’re stopped, but not too happy about the highway. When we arrived here in Scarborough, Kitten came right out of hiding and wanted to eat. This time it was Max who pulled the Cheshire cat thing, although without the smile. We couldn’t find him anywhere. We looked under the bed in the place we had found Kitten last time, and he wasn’t there. We looked under the recliners, which is a place Max seems to like, and he wasn’t there either.

We decided not to panic this time, and after about a half-hour Max came out from under one of the recliners. He apparently found a hidey hole up in the mechanical parts under the seat, where he couldn’t be seen even when we tilted the chair up to look for him.

He’s currently nestled in what appears to be his favorite den (except when we’re looking for him), which is a small space between the bed and sidewall.



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