Friday, November 02, 2012

Sandy II

We’re still in Richmond and we’ll be heading home Sunday. Hopefully, the power will be back on by then, but the latest report from the power company says most of our town won’t be restored until 11/7, and the rest the following week. We’re mostly just hanging out in Richmond, but we plan to visit the Museum of the Confederacy tomorrow.

Interestingly, we’ve seen lots of disaster recovery units heading north on I-95, including buses and trailers with US government plates. This morning a camper here in the RV park asked if we knew of any place to park an RV in New Jersey. Turns out he and a lot of the campers at this park are insurance adjusters heading north. They expect to be there for months, and they usually stay in campgrounds near the disaster areas. Its unusual for this type of disaster (flood/tornado/hurricane, wild fire) to happen in late fall or winter, when most campgrounds in the northeast are closed for the winter, so they don’t have a place to set up camp. Hopefully, they’ll figure something out.


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