Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yellowstone & Grand Tetons

We finally found a campground with good wi fi. The two national parks we visited in Wyoming were just as spectacular as they were in 1970. In Yellowstone, Old Faithful did what he was supposed to do, and did it in a big way. That may have been due to all of the rain water seeping down to his hot spot. The Grand Tetons really look like the Swiss Alps. They rise from the prairie almost like a wall. There are about 24 mountains higher than 10,000 feet in the park. The three big ones are in the 12-13,000+ foot range.

The downside, aside from all of the rain, was the road construction in Grand Teton NP. Since our campground was in the National Forest just north of the park, we needed to go through it, and it's 30-minute delay, a couple of times a day just to explore and to shop for groceries. In places, there was only a single lane, with it's required flag men, and in other places the road was two lanes, but with no pavement at all. The rain made for an interesting surface. Unfortunately, most campgrounds don't permit vehicle washing on their grounds, so we have a very dirty truck and trailer. The truck fits right in with the working pick ups in this area, but the trailer really needs a bath.

When we registered at the campground the attendant was kind enough to tell us that a grizzly was seen in the area, so we should be careful with our food and garbage. The second night there, a ranger came by to warn us that a grizzly had been seen IN the campground. I wonder if grizzly bears like cats.

Anyway, we departed Wyoming without meeting the bear and are now in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Part of the drive here was through the most desolate country I've ever seen. High desert range, with no towns for about 100 miles. We finally got to a little cow town called Bagg, CO, which was good because we REALLY needed to get some diesel.


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What an amazing adventure the two of you are having. We're really enjoying your blog... Incredible sights.

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