Sunday, August 02, 2009

Heading Home

My computer is dead. Fortunately, we have Penny's for backup. We had a minor incident with the trailer roof (a tree jumped up and damaged the roof) in Montana. Got it fixed, but needed to spend a weekend in a county fair campground in a REALLY small town. Anyway, we crossed Montana and North Dakota, which is really much nicer than I had anticipated, at least at this time of year. Beautiful farm land all across the state.

We then crossed upper Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan and spent a day at Mackinaw Island. Nice place, except for the tourists.

We're now in Ohio. Tomorrow we'll be in Western Pennsylvania, and home the day after.

So this ends this edition of the blog. We'll start it up again on the next trip (most likely with a new computer), currently planned for the Winter.

This was a great trip. By the time we get home we'll have logged about 13,000 miles (if I recall correctly what the odometer says), and we're really looking forward to the next trip.

What a country!


Blogger jettybeach said...

We really enjoyed your blog. It made us want to try a trip as well. You must have so many wonderful memories.Glad you're safe and sound back in Jersey.

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your adventures. Keep up the wonderful travels and exploring this beautiful country of ours! It's such fun being a little fly on your wall ... :-)

All the best, Mary

8:53 AM  

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