Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Redwoods National Park

I haven't included a lot of images of the campgrounds we've stayed in -- one campground or RV park is pretty much like any other. But when we camp under huge redwood trees, I think its worth a picture. We're at the Redwoods RV Park about 8 miles north of Crescent City, CA. The other images were taken in Redwoods National Park and one of the state parks. The trees in the campground are all second growth trees -- maybe a hundred years old. There are some stumps here that are all that remains of the original trees.

Fortunately, a fair number of groves of first growth trees have been preserved in the parks. A UPS ranger directed us to a dirt road through some of these amazing trees. Here we found loads of 2000 year old trees, many over 300 feet tall. I can't imagine how even the most greedy lumbermen could look at those trees in terms of board feet -- but that's what happened when redwood was harvested for decks and lawn furniture. There's something mystical or spiritual to walk among those giants. It tends to give one perspective about humans' place on earth.


Blogger Susan said...

Gorgeous photos -- Ansel would be proud. You are becoming quite the philosopher, Cuz, inspired by nature.

2:01 PM  

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