Saturday, December 12, 2009

Panacea and Frosty

Our next planned stop was Tallahassee, FL, but we didn’t want to stay close to the capitol city, so we found a campground on the water (a bay near the Gulf) in a town called Panacea. I don’t know who named it, but the nice weather at the time it was named may have led to the idea that it cured whatever ailed him or her. The first hurricane probably was cause for reconsideration, but Panacea it is.Panacea FL 2 They do have nice sunsets.





The next stop was Pensacola, FL, and a few nights at a pretty little campground on a cute little bayou populated with pelicans and, in warmer weather, alligators.  No alligators while we were there, but we were forced to share our campsite with a giant snowman.


Speaking of weather, we’ve had a lot of rain and temps at night in the 40’s. Better than what’s been happening in northern areas, but wet just the same. We’re now in Houston and have been using the heater every day. Tomorrow the temp is supposed to be 70, and we’ll be moving on to San Antonio. The River Walk is really nice this time of year.


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