Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Northern Ontario

We’ve been doing one-night stands north of the Great Lakes on this beautiful part of the Trans Canada Highway. Since we’ve been spending the days travelling, there hasn’t been much to report, except that we keep meeting wonderful, friendly people, all Canadians. We talked with one couple with Florida plates on their motor home, but it turns out they’re really from Ontario. They spent winters in Ft. Meyers.

Oh, we did see a moose along the road today.

Tomorrow we’ll be in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, which shouldn’t be confused with Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, which is across the river. For reasons I hope to have explained, Sault is pronounced Soo.

Parts of the Trans Canada Highway are so rough, pieces keep falling off the truck and trailer. Today it was part of a splash guard on the truck. I sort of fixed it, and I hope it will hang on until we get some place I can spend more time with it. Yesterday, it was a piece of plastic trim from the trailer. We can’t figure out where it came from, but we’ll save it anyway.

Speaking of sort of fixing things, I think I may have mentioned early on my repair to the rear corner of the trailer that was apparently damaged in the shop where we had it to have maintenance done. Anyway, the shaking and vibrating loosened up my repair and the gap between the two panels opened up again. I was lucky enough to find a roll of white duct tape, so now that corner of the trailer is being held together with duct tape. So far, it seems to be holding.


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