Monday, July 04, 2011

Moody Manitoba

We finally made it through Ontario and are now in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This province is north of North Dakota and has a similar terrain – flat, lush farmland. It also has challenging weather. While driving around the city we were hit with a huge thunderstorm, including hail. When we got back to the trailer and the TV, we found out that the storm system kicked up tornado warnings in the area. No reports of actual tornadoes on the ground.

We’ll spend a few days here having the oil changed in the truck and having the landing gear on the trailer service. Anyone who’s followed this blog may remember the four or five previous times we’ve had the landing gear serviced. Well, it’s slipping again, so we have an appointment to bring the trailer to a local repair shop tomorrow morning. Hopefully, they won’t need to order parts.

And it just started raining again. BTW, The flooding being widely reported in North Dakota is impacting southern Manitoba also. It looks like our route west will take is a few miles north of the flooding, once we get back on the road.


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