Wednesday, July 06, 2011

More Manitoba

Winnipeg is a neat city. We just had dinner at a restaurant named Fude (Rhymes with Dude. Get it?) They specialize in Manitoba cuisine. We had the menage a trois, which is bison ribs in a raspberry barbeque sauce, chicken skewers in chocolate sauce with hot peppers, and a pork fillet with rhubarb chutney. It was a great meal. If you’re ever in Winnipeg, Fude is a must. The owner told us he doesn’t advertise very much in New Jersey, so he asked us to spread the word.

I’ve mentioned the Canadian people before, and I need to reiterate – everyone we’ve come in contact with has been extremely warm and friendly. And not just folks in the hospitality business. At the RV dealer where we were having the landing gear fixed (again), staffers came by just to chat while we were waiting. It was the same at the Ford dealership where we had the truck serviced. Just warm, friendly conversation. Maybe they don’t see too many Jerseyans in Winnipeg. But it was great.

Today we visited the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg, which was an interesting tour. We watched coins being made and learned that when the US coin-making capacity gets bogged down, the US Mint contracts with the Canadian Mint to work on US coins. They would do the intermediate steps here, like plating the blank coins, but the actual stamping of the coins is done at the US Mints. 80% of the coins made in Winnipeg are for countries other than Canada. The Canada Mint is actually a profit center for the Canadian government. While we were touring Ethiopian coins were being packaged for shipment to Africa.

Tomorrow we head west to Saskatchewan. One night on the road then a couple of nights in Moose Jaw where we plan to tour the famous Moose Jaw Tunnels.

It looks like we’ll be able to get to the Calgary Stampede next week. It starts tomorrow, and tickets are still available. More on all that later.


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